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High School News
Athletic Director Suspended
The Commissioner of Interscholastic Athletics for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District is on administrative leave after being charged with assaulting a former coach.

Sports Medicine
Screening Debate Continues
Texas may become the first state to require public school athletes to undergo ECG testing, and other states are watching closely.

Student-Athlete Welfare
Coach Accused of Bullying
Parents of former Columbia (N.J.) High School baseball players (which include bullying expert Randy Nathan) say that the head coach created a "bullying culture" within the program and that student-athletes who spoke out were retaliated against.
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Company News:
Experience and Innovation
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The Thor Lightning Strike is the newest addition to the Thor Performance line. The company is excited to introduce the first luxury athletic turf. Thor's most plush offering to date, Lightning Strike is quickly becoming the benchmark for your indoor training facility.

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Hot Off the Press and Now Online
The Coaching Management Football Preseason issue contains feature articles on:

• Making the most of signing day
• Choosing nutritional supplements
• Mississippi State‚Äôs off-season strength and conditioning program

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