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Tools of the Trade
October 20, 2014 - Issue 685
Four Full Years
 The Big Ten announced that its schools will give student-athletes four-year scholarships. Read the full story...
Lawsuit Filed
 A California school district is being sued after a softball player slipped on a concrete gutter drain, hit her head, and sustained a concussion. Read the full story...
Live, From Norman
 For the second straight year, the University of Oklahoma will televise some men’s basketball practices live. Read the full story...
Featured Issue

Hot Off The Press and Now Online

The October 2014 issue of Training & Conditioning includes feature articles on:
  • Finding and traveling your ideal career path
  • Using the Hatch System to train team sport athletes
  • Athletic trainers on helping high school athletes with nutrition choices
  • Inside the rehabs of three unique knee injuries
  • The University of Mississippi’s baseball strength program
  • And a Q&A with April Hoy, Azusa Pacific University.

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The Good & The Bad
 A losing coach thanks the opposing team. A winning coach brags on Facebook. We take a look at some of the best and worst cases of sportsmanship over the past few weeks. Read the full story...
Preseason Fun
 With a nod to Jimmy Fallon, the Clemson University men’s basketball team compiled a list of satirical “thank you notes” to its fans, strength coaches, and game officials. Read the full story...
Case Study
PowerBlock(R) Solves Space Issue  What if your club had a spinning room where people kept bringing dumbbells from the main gym, using them, and then leaving them scattered on the floor? That happened at Lee LaBrada's gym in Houston. He solved the problem with a set of PowerBlocks. Money aside, he just didn't have the space for a rack of dumbbells in his spinning room.
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New Shoulder Injury Identified
 Young baseball pitchers who throw more than 100 pitches per week are at risk for a newly identified overuse injury. Read the full story...
Female Friendly
 The University of Wisconsin-Platteville has an all-female athletic training staff and is one of several schools in its conference with a female head athletic trainer. Read the full story...
On the Line
 New research finds that offensive linemen are more likely than other players to suffer concussions and are less likely to report them. Read the full story...
Product Showcase
Pain Management  No matter what we do to avoid it, pain is often an unfortunate byproduct of athletic performance training and competition. Luckily, there are plenty of products available designed to ease an athlete's suffering and get them back on track.
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Online Buyer's Guide
Our online Buyer's Guide features a customized pages for companies advertising in our 2014 Buyer's Guide, including interactive links, product images, and more detailed product listings. Here are links to four companies featured in our Guide:
The Sports People
Sports Tutor
VersaClimber/Heart Rate, Inc.
WaterBoy Sports, Inc.

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Head Games
 In New Jersey, a retired mental health professional offers his services to a high school football team, helping them with concepts like self-affirmation. Read the full story...
Lecture and Leisure
 To boost attendance of a more cerebral crowd, the University of Tennessee has been offering pre-game lectures to its tailgating fans. Read the full story...
Quick Turnaround
 A Washington high school football team has instituted a culture change, led in part by opening practices with touchdown celebration competitions. Read the full story...
Effective And Safe
The Elite Seat(R) is an extremely effective and safe way for patients to achieve symmetric motion between knees.
Hands on Deck
Pro's Choice offers a whole team of products to help make your infield the best it can be.
Leading Provider
Sports Health is a leading provider of sports medicine supplies and equipment to schools, universities, and professional sports teams across the United States.
Portable Fountains
WissTech Enterprises is one of the oldest and most well established manufacturers of portable drinking fountains and sideline equipment.
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