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Tools of the Trade
June 23, 2014 - Issue 668
Making Screening Mandatory
 A New Jersey bill that would require all physical examinations for children under the age of 19 to include cardiac screenings has passed in the state’s senate. Read the full story...
World Stage
 Kansas University’s men’s basketball team will take part in the 2015 World University Games. Read the full story...
Rethinking Overtime
 After a lengthy state title game ended in a tie, Ohio is changing its high school ice hockey overtime rules. Read the full story...
Featured Book

High-Performance Training for Sports

One of the more difficult problems an athlete faces is determining when he or she is ready to return to action after injury. It is vital to remove the guesswork, otherwise the athlete may be spending even longer in treatment. This excerpt from the new book High-Performance Training for Sports (Human Kinetics) looks at a number of factors that, if taken into consideration when determining return to competition (RTC), can help determine whether the risk of playing is acceptable.

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SDSU Bids Farewell to Gwynn
 A tribute video from San Diego State University looks back at Tony Gwynn’s memorable and far-reaching career. Read the full story...
Long-Term Advantage
 A new study indicates that being a student-athlete can have long-term employment benefits. Read the full story...
Case Study
Protein's Importance in Athletes Functional Recovery
By Chris Mohr, PhD, RD
Consulting Sports Nutritionist, Cincinnati Bengals
Co-Found, Mohr Results, Inc.

It is widely accepted that athletes need carbohydrates to fuel their bodies and aid their recovery. Protein plays just as much of a role in recovery, but the importance is not as well understood. Anecdotally, aerobic athletes often forgo protein intake and focus only carbohydrates. On the flip side, anaerobic athletes focus more on protein than carbohydrates. Protein is important for all athletes, though, for optimal recovery and repair.

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Rock n’ Roll n’ RICE?
 At a meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, a number of sports medicine professionals detailed the injury prevention work they’ve done with musicians. Read the full story...
Winning Every Day
 A look inside the offseason strength and conditioning program for the Auburn University football team, where every lift, every day is a competition. Read the full story...
Finalist Profile
 Read about one of our finalists for the Most Valuable Athletic Training Award: Suzanne Nano, Head Athletic Trainer and a teacher at Gross Catholic High School, in Bellevue, Neb. Read the full story...
Product Showcase
Fitness Facility  Freshen up your fitness facility with these quality product solutions.
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Online Buyer's Guide
Our online Buyer's Guide features a customized pages for companies advertising in our 2014 Buyer's Guide, including interactive links, product images, and more detailed product listings. Here are links to four companies featured in our Guide:
Medical Specialties, Inc.
MedPac Bags
Laundry Loops Inc.
Linear Rubber Products

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Fan-Friendly Change
 Austin Peay State University is rebranding its athletics website to improve the experience for fans. Read the full story...
Fundraising for Football
 Two high school football teams that will be going to Ireland engaged in massive fundraising efforts to afford the trip. Read the full story...
High School Bought by Temple
 Temple University is purchasing an old high school to make space for new athletic fields. Read the full story...
Regional Soil Blends
BEAM CLAY® offers regional infield mixes blended for every state and climate from bulk plants nationwide.
Biodex Balance Assessment
Baseline and post-injury Balance Assessment - for the management of concussion.
Ultimate Resource
Global Bodyweight Training is the ultimate resource for the bodyweight athlete with equipment, videos, and apparel.
Real-Time Monitoring
Firstbeat SPORTS system is a heart rate variability based tool for real-time training load monitoring and overnight recovery detection.
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