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Tools of the Trade
April 14, 2014 - Issue 658
Coach Resigns
 A state championship winning Georgia high school football coach has resigned after allegations arose that he recruited players and his wife committed academic misconduct. Read the full story...
Head Spot for Sale
 Arkansas State University is auctioning off a chance for a fan to coach its spring football game. Read the full story...
Huge Gesture
 A high school athlete is giving up his spot in a national contest for the most inspirational athlete to another player. Read the full story...

Hot Off the Press and Now Online

Check out the digital version of April/May 2014 issue of Athletic Management, which includes feature articles on:

  • Conquering the highs and lows of athletic administration

  • Preventing bullying and improving team chemistry

  • Combining high school athletics with community sports

  • Implementing pre-participation cardio screening

  • Latest product news for outdoor facilities

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New Rules in Cheer
 The NFHS has adjusted several rules in cheer with the goal of minimizing risk and increasing creativity. Read the full story...
The Truth Behind Transfers?
 The athletic director at the University of Nevada says big-name schools are actively going after players from smaller schools. Read the full story...
NORDOT(R) All-Weather Adhesives
NORDOT(R) All-Weather Adhesives  NORDOT(R) Adhesives have a long history of worldwide success for the total glue-down and/or seaming of synthetic turf football fields as well as other sport and recreational surfaces. Their one-part curing urethanes are easy to handle and can be used in any weather the installer can work--from sub-freezing to desert-like temperatures, and in damp, dry, or windy conditions.
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Simplify For Success
 Vern Gambetta provides his thoughts on improving athletes’ performance in an information rich, dynamic environment. Read the full story...
No Supervision Lawsuit
 A school district was sued by parents of a football player who suffered permanent damage after being punched during a mandatory workout where no coaches were present. Read the full story...
Softball Safety
 In Dallas, some high school are requiring facemasks for softball players. Read the full story...
Product Showcase
Synthetic Turf  If this wet spring has taught us anything, it's the value of synthetic turf fields. Check out these field solutions from the industry's finest synthetic turf manufacturers.
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Online Buyer's Guide
Our online Buyer's Guide features a customized pages for companies advertising in our 2014 Buyer's Guide, including interactive links, product images, and more detailed product listings. Here are links to four companies featured in our Guide:
Sports Laundry Systems
CytoSport, Inc.
Bushwalker Bags

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Coming Out Story
 At the University of Massachusetts, a sophomore student-athlete has become the first openly gay NCAA Division I men’s basketball player. Read the full story...
Player Coach
 A multi-sport high school athlete and future NCAA Division I basketball player is having success coaching middle school teams. Read the full story...
Media Talk
 The athletic director at Rutgers University is being criticized for her comments about a local newspaper. Read the full story...
American Sports Builders Assn.
Recognized source of technical information when building a sports facility.
Enhancing the Look of Your Field
Diamond Pro professional groundskeeping products deliver long-lasting performance and quality while enhancing the look and feel of a well-maintained field.
Leading Global Provider
DJO is a leading global provider of high-quality, orthopedic devices.
Continued Research Development
Kinesio(R) introduced the world to elastic therapeutic taping, and continues to drive the industry.
Fulfills Your Needs
Muhl Tech has been a leader in developing high-quality baseball and softball training aids and practice equipment since 2001.
Preferred Choice
In addition to aquatic therapy pools, SwimEx manufactures hot and cold plunge tanks in four standard sizes.
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