Real Talk on Synthetic Turf
February 29, 2012

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The NFL’s Buffalo Bills find out what colleges and universities and high schools have known for a few years.
A-Turf knew it struck gold when they were selected to replace the Buffalo Bills’ field at Ralph Wilson Stadium in summer 2011. In addition to a heightened sense of pride because it was the company’s first NFL field, now millions of people will see what tens of thousands of people have been witnessing for a few years at the collegiate and high school levels … A-Turf® Titan in action.

A-Turf® Titan: The best & safest synthetic turf system. The strongest warranty.
Some people want the performance and durability attributes of the XP slit fiber, while others want the natural look of the monofilament fiber. A-Turf and its turf manufacturer developed the dual fiber Titan system that delivers both. The premium XP and Mono fibers are tufted into the same stitch giving the surface an amazingly plush look. The dense carpet holds infill in place better, reducing infill movement during play. The fibers are well rooted into the super-durable primary and secondary backings.

College football coach shares firsthand thoughts on A-Turf® Titan.
SUNY Morrisville (NY) State College football coach, Terry Dow, is pretty clear in his praise of their new athletic field and the 12-year warranty that came with it. “The 12-year warranty is huge,” he says. “We are a state institution and need to be very careful of how we spend taxpayer money. We needed to do our research and get the best bang for our buck. There’s no question we did that.”

High school, college, and university ADs are loving how A-Turf® Titan performs on their fields.
“Even though field hockey is our primary sport for this field, we needed a multi-purpose field,” says Matt MacMullan, Co-Director of Athletics at McDonogh School in Owings Mills, MD. “We needed a turf that would give us a really fast ball roll for field hockey, but also give us the control needed for soccer. Our soccer coaches say this is the best synthetic turf field they have ever played on.”

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