Fuel For Thought: Benefits of Nutrition
March 3, 2011

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Recovery Nutrition  Refueling after training is like putting money in the bank—it’s the body’s safe deposit box for muscle sugars called glycogen. This investment for muscles ensures adequate energy for daily training and overall health. Without food or fluid after exercise, the body is unable to completely recover from workouts and improve performance.

Video: Nutrient Timing  Most athletes know that what they eat can affect how they perform. But do they know that when can be as important as what? Help athletes and parents understand the importance of nutrient timing by

A Closer Look At Vitamin D  Vitamin D has been getting a lot of publicity lately. Previously believed to be conquered, vitamin D deficiency is making a comeback. It is considered by many to be an epidemic in the U.S. T&C looks at the different variations of vitamin D and provides recommended intake dosages.

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