Cold Water Rehab Solutions
March 2, 2011

MomentumMedia, publisher of Training & Conditioning, together with The PolarPool™ are pleased to provide you with this newsletter containing the latest news on cold therapy modalities.


Coldtub Makes Life Easier  Until last summer, Jason Ellenbecker, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer at Hamline University, was getting by with two standard whirlpools in his athletic training room. That all changed in July, when the school purchased a PolarPool from Coldtub. Now Ellenbecker can’t imagine going back to how things were.

Why Do Ice Baths Work?  An ice bath surrounds entire muscle groups to constrict blood flow, which is thought to help flush lactic acid. Along with swelling, it is believed that lactic acid may contribute to Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It will also reduce swelling caused by the tiny multiple muscle injuries.

New Ice Bath Alternative Being Used By Professional and College Sports Teams  While it is agreed that ice bathes, or cold therapy, is crucial to keeping professional athletes in peak performance, the way to deliver cold-water therapy to multiple athletes, in a cost effective, sanitary, timely manner has become an issue for many Professional Athletic Trainers.

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