Cold Water Rehabilitation

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Cold Comfort  By the end of the 2009 hockey season, the cooling tubs at Yale University’s Ingalls Rink had outlived their usefulness. They were too small to fit large groups of student-athletes, required a lot of ice to keep cold, and were time-consuming to drain between uses. With a new PolarPool™, installed as part of the rink’s 2010 re-dedication, all those problems disappeared.

Ice Bath vs. Cold Tub  Ever since the benefits of using ice baths for recovery and reduction of sports injuries was discovered, people, whose job it is to keep athletes healthy, have lugged ice and water to cumbersome steel whirlpools. Draining, disinfecting, and refilling, several times a day. A tiresome, but crucial part of the sports training process. An innovative ice bath alternative is simplifying this task.

Training Tips: Avoiding Injuries While Exercising  Weightlifters, athletes, and those seeking to lose weight all of one thing in common - the desire to get results fast. Working out regularly is a key element of a serious workout program.

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