The Ankle Report  The foot and ankle are among the most commonly injured body parts of recreational and competitive sports participants. An estimated 25,000 ankle sprains occur daily in the United States. Though recovery from the initial injury is likely, re-injury often results in moderation or discontinuation of sports activity. Research shows that ankle braces have a role in warding off the ever-prevalent ankle injury.

Bracing Shown to Decrease Injury Risk in College Volleyball Players  Historically, ankle injuries have been an injury common to college volleyball players. According to recent research, since 1998, ankle injuries have accounted for the highest percentage of injuries sustained by collegiate female volleyball players, ranging from 18 to 36 percent of the total number of injuries in practices and games. This study examines the use of bracing to prevent ankle injuries.

Passive Support Characteristics of Ankle Braces  Using an Ankle Flexibility Tester, researchers from Drexel University examined the effect of ankle braces on three-dimensional passive load-displacement properties of the ankle. Two types of brace—lace-up and stirrup—were studied.

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Tools  Whatever the injury, you can be sure that Active Ankle has a brace to keep your athletes safe and get them back in the action. With new models, such as the Excel and the Volt, Active Ankle provides a complete line of braces to address your injury prevention and rehabilitation needs.

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