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March 2010

MomentumMedia, publishers of Athletic Management, Coaching Management, and Training & Conditioning, together with the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) are pleased to provide you with this newsletter containing the latest news on maintaining fields, facilities, and staff education.


Athletic Field Management in the Spring  Your turf survived the long, hard winter and now it is time to get your field ready for play again. Hopefully, you prepared your field for the winter during the fall and you are heading into the spring with a strong, healthy turf stand. Even if your field is not in the condition you want it to be in at the beginning of spring, there are things you can do to get it ready for the first game. After all, you know that as soon as the weather breaks, your field will be a busy place. Here are some tips to get your field looking great before that first game.

Applying for Grants Can Help Enhance Youth Sports!  The Toro Company has long been helping educate on the importance of maintaining quality sports fields. Not only can solid maintenance practices keep your playing fields safe for athletes of all ages, but they also can produce eye-catching venues to be enjoyed by communities and spectators. To help sports facilities achieve this objective, Toro and the Toro Giving Program have partnered with both the Baseball Tomorrow Fund and the U.S. Soccer Foundation to help provide equipment and other resources to their respective youth sports.

Understanding Soil Tests  Soil testing laboratories recommend testing every three years for most native soils high in silt and clay, and once a year for modified sand-based systems. This helpful guide teaches you how to take a soil sample, where to have it tested, and how to interpret the results.

Couldn’t Attend the STMA Conference?  Get the Next Best Thing! At the STMA Conference and Exhibition this year, IntelliQuest Media audio recorded 52 of the education sessions and paired them with approved speaker presentations and handouts on a DVD-ROM.

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