Light Pole Safety

February/March 2010

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Are Your Light Poles Putting You At Risk?  We see them every day and take them for granted. They support the lights that illuminate your football, baseball, softball, and soccer fields. They help light tennis courts, parking lots, and sidewalks. They’re all around us and if they’re doing their job correctly you may never think of one twice. But are your lighting poles putting you, your staff, and visitors at risk?

Why Do Poles Fail?  RISC has identified six main causes of pole failure: corrosion, weather, fatigue, faulty design, improper installation, and poor fabrication.

Light Pole Inspection Turns Negative Into Positive  A school district in the Southwest United States retained RISC to inspect and assess the condition of 16 poles located at various fields throughout the district. Here is what RISC found, and how they helped remedy a potentially-dangerous situation.

How Often Should I Have My Poles Inspected?  Corrosion and wind never rest—these attacks continue 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To ensure the continued integrity of your poles and their ability to resist these forces, RISC recommends that you have your poles inspected on a 12-to-24-month cycle based on the results of your baseline inspection.

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