Progressing With Pilates

February 2010

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Intensify Your Training with Pilates  The public’s approach to health and fitness is constantly changing. Today, people are becoming more in tune with their bodies and want an all-encompassing method of exercise to meet their varying needs. Whether your desire is to sculpt a toned physique, prevent injury for your sport, increase overall strength and flexibility, relieve daily stress and muscle tension, or get back in shape after the holidays—Pilates is the workout for you.

Why the Pros Choose Pilates  Unlike other strength training regimens that focus more specifically on muscle mass, Pilates focuses on re-balancing your muscles around the joints, and improving your alignment and flexibility.

Build Strength From the Inside Out!  Fitness enthusiasts can spice up their routines and serious athletes can reach a new level in their sport. Here’s why more and more trainers are introducing Pilates to their clients for new and improved workouts.

Pump Up Your Workout with Props  Even the simplest of exercises can be ramped up to challenge your core.

Exercise: Side Kick Kneeling  Athletes will benefit from this exercise as it incorporates many aspects of functional training including, strength and stability of the shoulder girdle while weight bearing and strength of the core musculature to maintain a neutral spinal position in an unfamiliar and largely unsupported position.

Ask The Expert  Sally Belanger is a STOTT PILATES® Project Specialist and Education Master Instructor Trainer. Question: I am an avid surfer. What type of Pilates exercises are recommended for athletes like myself and how frequently should I practice?

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