Cold Relief
November 17, 2010

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Making a Difference  Like a lot of schools, the University of Maine was getting by with a pair of stainless steel tubs for both heat and cold. And like a lot of Head Athletic Trainers, Paul Culina was spending time every day hauling ice, filling tubs with water, scrubbing them clean, and disinfecting them, only to do it all over again the next day.

Avoid Training Injuries: Ice Baths 101  Professional athletes from many major sports leagues (NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, UFC) have been quoted saying they use ice baths as a part of their regular training program. But why exactly do they subject themselves to freezing water? What’s the benefit? This guide has been designed to answer common questions athletes and weightlifters have about ice bath therapy.

Ice Baths, Steel Whirlpools, or Cold Tubs?  Ice baths are routinely used by sports trainers, medical professionals, and fitness clubs. However, organizations that need to deliver hydrotherapy to a large number of people each day struggle with the current options on the market. Conventional steel whirlpools and old fashion ice baths are impractical for treating dozens of people a day due to their high maintenance and operating costs, and potential for spreading bacteria among users.

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