3-D Training on Total Gym: From Rehab to Sports Ready
November 10, 2010

MomentumMedia, publisher of Training & Conditioning, together with Total Gym are pleased to provide you with this newsletter profiling some of the latest innovations in athletic and performance training.


Athletic Trainers Utilize 3-D Training  3-D technology isn’t just for the movies. We function with the innate ability to move in three dimensions, or planes of motion, every day. Now, athletic trainers and rehabilitation specialists can benefit from imitating natural, 3-D movement in a training environment.

Research Shows Total Gym® Most Reliable Measure of Post-Rehab Functional Performance  Previously, few options existed for rehabilitation and athletic training specialists to precisely measure lower extremity performance in individuals with restricted weight bearing ability. In the past, these specialists had to rely on conducting manual muscle tests, often an inaccurate measure, to determine strength and functional performance in a patient recovering from a lower extremity injury.

Accelerate Athleticism with Plyometric Rebounding  Medicine balls are great training tools to help develop explosive power, core stability, balance and coordination. An article in the August 2010 Strength & Conditioning Journal shows medicine ball exercises can help achieve angular specificity and stimulate tissues that may not be activated in typical strength and conditioning exercises.

Power Up! Peak Performance Training on an Incline  Athletic trainers for Super Bowl XL & XLIII champion Pittsburgh Steelers swear by it. Around the country, athletic trainers and rehabilitation specialists in training facilities and universities emphasize the benefits of adaptable body weight training on an incline plane for improved athletic performance, functional conditioning and sports-specific training.

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