Climbing PerformanceOctober 21, 2010

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Tug of War & Rope Climbing: A Lost Art?  - One of the hottest “new” tools in the fitness world today is rope training. Trainers are clients everywhere are using ropes to pull them closer to their fitness goals. This phenomenon is even causing some equipment manufacturers to ride the rope-training wave. With the recent buzz about ropes, their uses, their benefits, etc., we chose to look at how long have ropes been used to promote and measure physical fitness?

At the End of Your Rope?   - With rising obesity rates and PE basically absent from school systems, fitness levels are at an all time low across the United States. “Why” you might ask? It’s simple - it’s called “the path of least resistance training.” People literally want to have their cake, eat it too, and not have to walk anywhere to get it.

Watch Videos: See For Yourself   - Because words can barely do rope training and its benefits justice, we’ve assembled a collection of videos that show different Ropeflex systems in action.

Functionally Integrated Training   - Redefining the way we develop athletes for sports performance. Athlete Functionally Integrated Training (F.I.T.) has trained more than 3,000 athletes in its short 10-year existence. Read this article, supplied by F.I.T. (, detailing their philosophy, which revolves around a system of: 1) Testing 2) Training 3) Tracking 4) Teaching

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