Core FocusSeptember 23, 2010

MomentumMedia, publisher of Training & Conditioning, together with Ab Coaster are pleased to provide you with this newsletter containing the latest news on core and abdominal strengthening.


The Pittsburgh Steelers Choose Ab Coaster  Garrett Giemont, Conditioning Coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers says, “We use the Ab Coaster as part of our conditioning program and our players love the way it provides a complete abdominal workout quickly and effectively.”

A Twist on Rotational Training  Peter Twist, MS, BPE, CSCS, President of Twist Conditioning, describes his approach to core development andshares a sample progression.

A Unique Movement that Hits Every Inch of Your Midsection  According to Flex Magazine fitness guru Shawn Perine, the Ab Coaster “works your abs like nothing else I’ve ever used before in over 25 years of training.”

Why Core Strength Exercises Are Vital to Athletes  Core strength exercises that target the abdominal muscles, the obliques, and the muscles of the lower back, facilitate dynamic athletic performance.

No Ride in the Park  The Los Angeles Times described the Ab Coaster by saying that it “feels like an easy version of a hanging leg raise for about 10 seconds, then reality sets in: This is no ride in the park….”

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