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Unique fundraising ideas that can help pay for new logo chairs  “I’d love to get some new team logo chairs, but I just don’t have the budget.” We’ve been hearing that a lot lately and we feel your pain. However, if you’re dead-set on getting those new courtside, locker room or training room chairs, here are some ideas that Athletic Directors and Coaches have used to raise funds that can pay for a portion or even all of your logo chairs.

The University of Notre Dame customizes its team bench  When Tom Blicher, General Manager of Athletic Facilities at the University of Notre Dame, began his courtside seating search, there were a few things he had in mind. “We had an idea of what we wanted and didn’t want to sacrifice on any of those ideas,” says Blicher. Tom and Notre Dame’s team of architects and designers wanted courtside chairs that looked great, were comfortable for the players while they were off the court, and of course, matched the school colors perfectly.

University of Wisconsin creates the ultimate video room chair  Watching old game tapes is an important part of any sport. University of Wisconsin men’s basketball coach, Bo Ryan, couldn’t agree more. Coach Ryan wanted to create a comfortable space for his players while they spent hours reviewing plays and plotting new strategies. The school also wanted the aesthetics of their athletic facilities to support their recruiting mission to attract the best student-athletes. Besides the paint, flooring and walls Bo Ryan was mostly concerned about the comfort of his big and tall players.

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