A Performance Path From the Ground Up

January/February 2010

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Functional Path Manifesto  By Vern Gambetta/Gambetta Sports Training Systems. Athletic development is about optimizing training to enhance performance in the competitive arena. The basic concepts are quite simple. My experience has shown that simplicity yields complexity, you don’t have to try to make it complicated. That is why being a generalist is so important; it allows me to create relationships that the specialist—because of their narrower vision—will not see.

Optimizing the Training Session  The individual training session is the cornerstone of training. A long-term plan is a succession of linked individual training sessions in pursuit of specific objectives. It is the individual training session where the long-term plan is actually implemented.

No Pain, No Gain?  No pain, no gain was a very prevalent attitude when I began coaching in the late 60s and surprisingly it continues to persist today. I personally have never been able to figure out the appeal of this approach.

The GAIN Apprentorship  = Apprenticeship + Mentorship program combines the features of both ideas into a unique, interactive blend of theory and practice in a five-day residential coaching school format. This is an opportunity to observe, question, and explore the application of the Gambetta Method—Systematic Sport Development Model of training, teaching, and injury rehabilitation.

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