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December 2009

MomentumMedia, publishers of Athletic Management, Coaching Management, and Training & Conditioning, together with the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) are pleased to provide you with this newsletter containing the latest news on maintaining fields, facilities, and staff education.


Powers of Persuasion  It’s time to begin planning your trip to the Annual STMA Conference. How can you convince your employer to send you?

8 Steps to an Easy Field Facelift  Jeffrey T. Fowler of Penn State Cooperative Extension offers his advice on practicing the basic steps to proper field management. The following serves as refresher of the basic practices.

The Path to a Successful Partnership  The top 10 Tips for creating a successful partnership with your field provider. The following is advice from STMA sports turf managers on how to create a “win-win” relationship with your field providers.

10 Tips to Better Crew Training  You know that training is vital for the safety and productivity of your crew. Obviously, you instruct your staff about what tasks to do and train them on how to do them. You may pop in a training video occasionally on a rainy day. But, have you developed a formalized crew training program that will improve the effectiveness, efficiency and morale of your staff? If you do not have a program in place, consider these techniques to get the most out of your training time.

Equipment That’s “Lean and Green”  Van Cline, PhD, of the Toro Company, discusses how efficiency in sports turf management can be improved by minimizing CO2 emissions and offers solutions for going green.

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