Cold Water Rehabilitation

MomentumMedia, publishers of Athletic Management, Coaching Management, and Training & Conditioning, together with The PolarPool™ are pleased to provide you with this newsletter containing the latest news on cold therapy modalities.

Adding a New Dimension to Athlete Care  Barclay Dugger, MEd, ATC, LAT, Coordinator of Athletic Training Services and Assistant Professor in the Athletic Training Education Program at Springfield College, describes how his school utilizes The PolarPool™ and shares his experiences using the product.

Concentric Benefits of Cryotherapy  When it comes to cold water therapy, the focus for many is on the benefits provided for eccentric muscular activities and those who play contact sports. However, one cannot overlook the effects cryotherapy offers for athletes engaged in more concentric activities, such as cycling and running. Recently, statistically significant findings have been published on this subject and include reduced core body temperatures and enhanced athlete performance over prolonged distances.

The University of Portland Experience  From college sports to the professional leagues, The PolarPool™ is making a significant difference in how athletic trainers are meeting their patients’ rehabilitation needs. Here, Kyle A. Nelson, MPH, ATC-R, Head Athletic Trainer at the University of Portland, shares his experiences with PolarPool™ products.

Vibroacoustic Therapy  Emerging studies on vibroacoustics suggest that applying low-frequency therapy in a water-based environment induces muscle relaxation and calming effects on the central nervous system.

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