Synthetic Turf and Natural Grass Fields: Determining the Right Field  Your community has decided to build a new field. This is an excellent decision that will benefit your players, the fans and the community. With sports participation and viewership on the rise, the focus on fitness, and the desire for environmentally friendly recreational venues, now is an ideal time to build a sports field.

Is Leasing Better Than Buying?  That’s up to you! When people ask me an important business question, they probably expect a straight answer.  However, if the question is, “Do you recommend leasing or buying?” my response is:  “It depends.”  When acquiring new equipment, compare the respective financial benefits of leasing and buying.

Communicating with User Groups  Communication is fundamental to running a successful facility.  The ultimate goal is to provide safe, playable and aesthetically pleasing athletic surfaces to your users.  It is important to communicate your standards, expectations, and priorities to everyone around you so they can understand your goals and how you plan to attain them.  Here are just a few ways to communicate more effectively with your user groups and help put you in a position of success at your facility.

Top 20 Ways a Turf Manager Can Facilitate Infield Defense  As a Sports Turf Manager, you can’t be out there playing the game for your team or school, but you can positively influence results in a way that is fair to the athletes of both teams. Ultimately, your goal is to provide a safe field for the athlete that allows the players and their actions to decide who wins or loses. You can be the table setter, the facilitator of quality defense at your facility.

Regional Education for Sports Turf and Facility Managers  The Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA), in partnership with eight of its affiliated chapters from the Midwest, will be bringing national level education and an outdoor exhibition to Ames, Iowa, June 24-25, 2009 for the STMA Midwest Regional Conference and Exhibition. 

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