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Firstbeat SPORTS for Peak Performance
What do the Spanish National Football Team, San Jose Sharks Hockey, French Rugby and 200 other professional sports teams around the world have in common? They all use Firstbeat SPORTS to optimize the training load for each athlete. Please take a look at how our solution can improve the physical conditioning of your athletes and team.
“Firstbeat is an integral part of our overall dissection of each player’s on and off-ice work. We use it to determine the frequency, intensity, time and type of workouts which will produce optimal performance.”
Doug McKenney
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Buffalo Sabres Ice Hockey
“I rely on Firstbeat Training Effect (TE) data on a daily basis to make sure RSL players are getting the correct training load for a given day. Further away from match day I like to see higher TE numbers to facilitate increased fitness levels. The closer we get to a match, the lower the TE numbers get to ensure we have fresh players for the game.”
Dan Barlow
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Real Salt Lake Soccer 
Real Time Monitoring
Monitor each athlete’s training intensity and training load in real time to ensure that each athlete reaches the goal of the session.

Quick Recovery Test
Assess every player’s state of recovery in just 2 minutes! Instant group feedback provides individual recovery scores and direction as well as team average recovery and direction.
Detailed Reporting
Get training and recovery reports for each player and the whole team instantly. Based on heart rate variability - the detailed analytics describe training load and recovery.

New Dashboard View
See the training status of the whole team at a glance. Identify players with increased risk of poor performance and overtraining.
  • Firstbeat SPORTS software
  • Firstbeat team receiver with tripod
  • Firstbeat heart rate belts
  • Printed technical manual
  • Tutorial videos and installation packet on a memory stick
  • Team duffle and mesh heart rate belt holders
Team packs start at $4,100
Firstbeat Team Receiver
Real time monitoring of 80 athlets / 150-meter range
Firstbeat Dongle
Real time monitoring of 10 athletes / 20-meter range
For accurate and comfortable daily stress and overnight HRV recording
Other compatible devices GARMIN: FR610, FR910, FR310XT SUUNTO: t6d, Memory belt, team pod POLAR: RS800cx, CS600, S810, team system2 (exports)
For more information contact: JOHN LALLY (310) 259-2277
FIRSTBEAT TECHNOLOGIES LTD. Yliopistonkatu 28 A Fl-40100 Finland Twitter: @Firstbeatinfo