Prime Athlete
Prime Athlete
Feb. 5th
Issue 7
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The Issue of Playing Time
There is little doubt that as a parent, you love your child and want the best for him or her. However, the amount of playing time he or she receives in a game is not an issue you should be involved with.

What Motivates Your Athlete?
As a parent, do you know what is the greatest form of motivation for your son or daughter when it comes to playing sports?

For Your Coaches
What the Best Coaches Do
Wayne Goldsmith, also known as the “Sports Coaching Brain,” has 25 years of experience coaching and providing advice to others. With a nod toward Stephen Covey, he offers “The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Coaches.”

How to Combat Bullying
Have you ever been bullied in sports? I have. It happened in high school, and I can remember the incidents to this day. Fortunately, I was able to deal with the abuse before it got ugly. Others might not be so lucky.

Helping the Athlete Who Plays in the Spotlight
If your child is blessed to be a stand-out and finds himself attracting extra attention, what can you do to help him handle it in a healthy way?

Using Yoga to Enhance Athletic Performance
These days, you can’t find many athletes or teams that haven’t incorporated some form of yoga, be it collegiate, pro, or even the weekend warrior, because the words is out that yoga improves performance.

The Value of Sports Participation
It is quite possible that the most effective classroom in educating children is not a classroom at all, but a school athletic experience.
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