Fundraising for Sports 7.9 - September 2012

Selling History   In Cedartown, Ga., community members are eagerly buying a book written by an alumnus of the local high school—and supporting their local high school’s football program with the purchase. Read the full story...

Tri for the Club   In Allegan, Mich., the second annual sprint-length Tri Allegan triathlon held on July 24, drew over 200 participants from the community and 10 states. With the help of several sponsors and careful planning, this year’s event brought in a profit of $7,700. Read the full story...

Setting a New Par   In Missoula, Mont., the Big Sky High School Booster Club decided to take a swing at hosting its first golf tournament. With the net profit reaching about $9,000, the club is planning on making it an annual occurrence. Read the full story...

2012 FundraisingForSport DIGITAL Resource  Brought to you by Athletic Management, the 2012-13 FundraisingForSport Resource Guide is the online source for sports booster clubs and teams looking to gather information on fundraising ideas. Click here to view the Guide

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