Fundraising for Sports 7.7 - July 2012

A Winning Hand  By catering to the town’s high population of motorcyclists, the Cowley College (Arkansas City, Kans.) Tiger Booster Club’s annual poker run has increased community support for the college while serving as a club fundraiser. This year’s event had 60 poker hands drawn, and profited over $1,000. Read the full story...

On Par with Profits   After holding a golf tournament for several years, the Fountain Lake (Hot Springs, Ark.) Booster Club decided to take a swing at something a little less serious this year—a Putt Putt Tournament. By raising nearly $2,300, the inaugural event was on par with the amount made by the last couple of years’ golf fundraisers. Read the full story...

Party ‘Til the Cows Go   While the name may be tongue-in-cheek, the annual Moo-Poo fundraiser does more than produce a few laughs. The event nets about $8,000, which helps football players at Ferndale (Mich.) High School attend a training camp and buy personal equipment. Read the full story...

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