Fundraising for Sports 7.5 - May 2012

In the Books  A booster club in Bethesda, Md., recently raised about $15,000 with its annual used book sale. As a well-established event, the two-day sale draws book enthusiasts and dealers from within, and outside, the community. Read the full story...

Hypnotizing Funds  Every year, seniors at the Wachusett Regional High School in Holden, Mass., look forward to having the chance of participating in the booster club’s annual Hypnotist Show. This year’s event drew a sold-out crowd, with nearly 800 attendees. Read the full story...

Winging It  In North Schyulkill, Pa., a booster club’s third annual Wingfest helped save the junior high softball team from budget cuts. Read the full story...

Teach Your Athletes Proper Nutrition  Success on the playing field and court means fueling for optimal performance, which starts with a healthy diet and well-planned pregame meals. An upcoming book, titled “The Athlete’s Guide to Nutrition”, offers practical, easy-to-follow advice, and it can be a perfect item for booster clubs to offer to their members. Click here for more information

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