Fundraising for Sports 7.4 - April 2012

Fundraising Victory  A year ago, budget cuts threatened extra-curricular activities at Utica High School, in Ohio. In response, a group of community members banded together to support the programs.  Read the full story...

Cinderella’s Fundraiser  Tired of holding typical fundraisers, the William Byrd Cheerleading Booster Club in Vinton, Va., decided to try something new. The club held its first Cinderella’s Closet Sale in preparation for the prom-shopping season.  Read the full story...

Scrapbooking a Homerun  About 30 women from the Omaha, Neb., area came together to work on their hobby, while supporting the Omaha Bryan High School baseball team.  Read the full story...

Teach Your Athletes Proper Nutrition  Success on the playing field and court means fueling for optimal performance, which starts with a healthy diet and well-planned pregame meals. An upcoming book, titled “The Athlete’s Guide to Nutrition”, offers practical, easy-to-follow advice, and it can be a perfect item for booster clubs to offer to their members. Click here for more information

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