Fundraising for Sports 7.1 - January 2012

A Winning Concert  The Mansfield High School Ice Hockey Booster Club in Mansfield, Massachusetts, holds an annual benefit concert where community members can see a good show while supporting the team. Read the full story...

Going “Cold Turkey”   The annual Turkey Dip in Griswold, Connecticut is more than jumping in a pond. It’s part of a fundraising event that brought in $5000 for the Griswold High School Booster Club this year. Read the full story...

Singing Deliveries   By performing Carol-Grams, the Illinois Valley Central High School Chorale Booster Club in Chillicothe, Illinois brings holiday joy to the local community, while raising money for its program. Read the full story...

Teach Your Athletes Proper Nutrition  Success on the playing field and court means fueling for optimal performance, which starts with a healthy diet and well-planned pregame meals. An upcoming book, titled “The Athlete’s Guide to Nutrition”, offers practical, easy-to-follow advice, and it can be a perfect item for booster clubs to offer to their members. Click here for more information

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