Fundraising For Sports 6.7 - July 2011

Team Yard Sale  The 12 sports teams at Berne-Knox Westerlo High School in Berne, New York consolidated their efforts to host a combination community yard sale and chicken barbecue that brought in more than $5,000 for the athletic programs Read the full story...

Gourmet Trucks Galore  The West High Booster Club in Torrance, California employed the services of 10 food trucks that sold an assortment of menu items to suppress the appetite of any discerning diner and made over $1,000 to help support the high school sports teams. Read the full story...

Hooves and Hoops  To raise funds for its high school sports teams, the West Yellowstone Booster Club in West Yellowstone, Montana, planned a donkey basketball fundraiser that collected $745. Read the full story...

New Fundraising Tool from Athletic Management  After more than two decades of providing fundraising advice in our magazine, Athletic Management is pleased to announce a new discount card and coupon book service that captures the spirit of your sports program and meets the needs of local businesses. Athletic Management Fundraising Services are: 1) Personalized—We use customized approach to meet your specific needs 2) Profitable—You keep more than 80% of the sales 3) Progressive—We provide a complete how-to guide developed by a high school athletic director who has raised thousands of dollars using coupon booklets and discount cards Click here for more information

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