Fundraising For Sports 6.4 - April 2011

Mulch Madness  The Ponte Vedra High School boys’ lacrosse team in Florida sells bales of pine straw needles and bags of cypress mulch to raise money for uniforms, equipment, and traveling expenses. This year’s second annual event, which took place in March, netted $27,000 in sales, more than doubling last year’s proceeds, and an additional $6,000 in sponsorships. Read the full story...

It’s All In The Cards  The Steamboat Springs Booster Club in Colorado kicks off its fundraising ventures every year with the sale of its Steamboat Sailors Gold Cards. The $20 cards contain discounts to restaurants and retailers from the Steamboat Springs area. The fundraiser grossed nearly $25,000 last fall thanks to the efforts of the schools’ football, volleyball, soccer, and cheerleading teams. Read the full story...

No Dodging This Fundraiser  The students and faculty at Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon have instituted a Dodgeball fundraiser, now in its fifth year, that provides a night of laughs, fun, and boosts school morale while generating income for an array of worthy causes. Read the full story...

New Fundraising Tool from Athletic Management  After more than two decades of providing fundraising advice in our magazine, Athletic Management is pleased to announce a new discount card and coupon book service that captures the spirit of your sports program and meets the needs of local businesses. Athletic Management Fundraising Services are: 1) Personalized—We use customized approach to meet your specific needs 2) Profitable—You keep more than 80% of the sales 3) Progressive—We provide a complete how-to guide developed by a high school athletic director who has raised thousands of dollars using coupon booklets and discount cards Click here for more information

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