Fundraising for Sports 6.11 - November 2011

From Old to New  Thanks to two football parents, a football helmet lamp fundraiser at East Chapel Hill High School in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, has provided the school football team with brand new helmets. Read the full story...

Going To The Mat  In order to pay for protective wall mats in its new wrestling room, the West Torrance High School Wrestling Team in Torrance, California has initiated a fund-raiser that offers personalization for each section of mat. The program is more than halfway to meeting the $8,000 cost for 100 wall-mat sections. Read the full story...

In Time for Halloween  The Los Altos High School Booster Club in Los Altos, California has been hosting a Pumpkin Patch fundraiser for three decades. This year the club raised between $8,000 and $9,000 selling pumpkins to the community. Read the full story...

The Athlete’s Guide to Nutrition  Success on the playing field and court means fueling for optimal performance, which starts with a healthy diet and well-planned pregame meals. An upcoming book, titled “The Athlete’s Guide to Nutrition,” offers practical, easy-to-follow advice, and it can be a perfect item for booster clubs to offer to their members. Click here for more information

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