Fundraising For Sports 5.9 - September 2010

On the Block  In a typical year, the West Branch (Iowa) High School All Sports Booster Club raises about $28,000 for equipment and facilities. In 2009-10, by adding a few new ideas to their time-tested favorites, boosters surpassed their old record by $5,000. In this article, President Tony Luneckas explains how they did it. Read the full story...

Booster Appreciation  At Guyer High School in Denton, Texas, Head Football Coach John Walsh wanted to recognize booster Tracy Radamacher for all her hard work. His solution didn’t just affect the outcome of opening day—it entered Radamacher’s son into the Wildcat record book. Read the full story...

Wide Open Spaces  Billboards come in all shapes and sizes, and at Vintage (Calif.) High School, Head Track and Field Coach Brian Pruyn realized that a set of small advertisements might be enough to help him overcome the hurdles of buying new equipment for his program. Read the full story...

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