Fundraising For Sports 5.4 - April 2010

Five Tips for Boosting Communications  With potential donors steadily bombarded by messages online, over the telephone, through the mail, and on television, high school athletic boosters need something special to make their pitches stand out. In this article, fundraiser Ray Merenstein provides five tips for improving the effectiveness of your communications. Read the full story...

Students vs. Teachers  What could be more fun than competing against your teachers? In 2006, the Smith Middle School Booster Club launched the Cyclone Games, a tradition that ‘s still going strong. The key to success, says booster club president Margaret Conrad, is to offer students and teachers a different way to interact—along with inviting special guests from the community and providing a nutritious meal for everyone. Read the full story...

Harnessing the Power of Social Media  It doesn’t cost anything for your athletics booster club to set up an account on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube. With just a ten-minute investment, Marquette University’s Brian Bowsher shows how your program can create a buzz for upcoming events, reach out to donors, drive ticket sales, and build a new sense of pride. Read the full story...

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