Mission Competition Fitness Equipment
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Build the Strongest Neck
The Iron Neck Reducing concussion risk by building a stronger neck. The Iron Neck offers a proactive approach to concussion management. This product applies lateral and rotational resistance and 360-degree range of motion. The Iron Neck gets every type of muscle contraction out of every neck muscle grouping. With no gym footprint, and at a fraction of the price of a four-way neck machine, the Iron Neck is a far more efficient option.
NZ Manufacturing, Inc.
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Gear for Stretching, Exercising, and Training
NZ Manufacturing Incorporated Professional resistance training tools for every athlete at every level. StrechCordz(R) Stretch Mobility Strap allows you to challenge your stretching abilities. Sports injuries and overtraining can lead to shortened and tightened muscles, which require deep stretching. The Stretch Mobility Strap's dual design features one elastic strap connected to a static strap of nylon that facilitates deep stretching and improves flexibility. This product is made in the USA.
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G Series Performance Packages
Gatorade Dedicated to providing high school athletes with the fuel they need to achieve their best during practice and competition. G Series Performance Packages
  • Gatorade offers G Series performance packages to high school coaches and athletic trainers at a significant discount
  • To get the most out of every play and every player, visit the website to learn more and place your order
Balanced Body, Inc.
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Balanced Body A leading provider of mindful movement equipment and education. MOTR(R)
  • Eight exercise tracks that can be mixed and matched
  • Great for balance, cardio, core, agility, and strength
  • Economical in price and size
  • Small enough to be carried over the shoulder
  • Can be assembled and disassembled in a minute
Pivot Sports Global
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Optimize Training
Firstbeat A leading provider of physiological analytics in sports. Firstbeat Sports Monitor offers advanced modeling of heart function and heart rate variability. Behind every successful team you will find optimized training and recovery. Firstbeat Sports Monitor brings years of physiological expertise and heart rate variability research to your team, helping you make more informed coaching decisions. Help every athlete perform at their best, choose Firstbeat Sports Monitor.
Maple Flooring Manufacturers Assoc.
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Sport-Specific Standards
Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) The authoritative source of technical and general information about maple flooring and related sports flooring systems. MFMA's PUR Standards focus on shock absorption, vertical deflection, area of deflection, ball bounce, and surface friction. These standards have been designed, utilizing exacting testing methodologies, to ensure that customers receive a reliable, well-performing, competitive sports surface.
Sports Tutor
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Setter Simulator
Sports Tutor A leading manufacturer of ball throwing machines. The high release point of Sports Tutor's Volleyball Tutor Silver Model simulates a human setter. It features easy-to-angle wheels for any shot, from serves to sets to digs. The non-marking caster wheels make it easy to move onto court. Prices start under $1,000.
WaterBoy Sports, Inc.
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Hydration Solutions
Waterboy Sports The leader in team hydration systems--that's all we do. The Power Nozzle version 2 eliminates missing handles and leaky nozzles. Check out PN-2 and PN-2C to help with your team's hydration system.
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Sports Injury Risk Management
Sports Injury Risk Management Protect Your Athlete with Biodex Sports Medicine Solutions
  • Manage specific sports injuries and determine safe return-to-sport
  • Utilize Biodex technology for objective Balance Assessment for Concussion Management
  • Biodex System 4 provides isokinetic testing of quadriceps to determine return-to-sport after ACL surgery
  • Dynamometer software quantifies athletes' propensity for Hamstring injury
Cramer Products, Inc.
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Convert Your Cooler
Cramer Products, Inc. Market leader in sports medicine products and proud supporter of athletic trainers. The PowerFlo(TM) Pro Tankless can be combined with an existing cooler, making it ideal for programs working in multiple locations or changing fields regularly. It features a rechargeable battery and six drinking stations. All connections are designed with high quality fittings for longevity and dependability, and all components are made with FDA-approved materials for safety and drink-ability.
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Protect Your Athletes
Armacell Making superior shock pads for exceptional sports field performance ArmaSport Turf Underlayment provides the consistent shock attenuation competitive athletes expect and deserve. It provides 100 percent protection 100 percent of the time and can be used with or without crumb rubber or other infill systems. It comes in turf-carpet widths for fast installation and also offers an optional perforation drainage system.
Pro-Tec Athletics
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New Premium Upgrades
Pro-Tec Athletics A leading sports medicine supplier. The Achilles Tendon Support has contoured EVA compression foam that increases comfort and stabilizes the tendon. The customized density of EVA foam is designed for the Achilles. Its plastic strap provides lift to the heel, helping prevent sudden stretch or strain to the tendon. This support alleviates conditions of Achilles tendinitis.