Legend Fitness
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Modular Cage System
Legend Fitness American manufacturer of world class strength equipment. Modular Cage System
  • A system of interchangeable components
  • Cages may be bolted together side-to-side as well as back-to-back
  • Fusion Modules can be inserted into the back of the cage, providing more exercise versatility
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Helping Professionals Grow
National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Educational nonprofit association. Helping Professionals Grow
  • Supports and disseminates research-based knowledge and its application to improve athletic performance and fitness
  • Offers certification, continuing education, career support, and insurance
  • Includes 33,000 professionals in 72 countries
  • CSCS and NSCA-CPT certifications were the first to be nationally accredited
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Perfect for Existing Spaces
HydroWorx is the leading manufacturer of aquatic therapy products with integrated underwater treadmills. The HydroWorx 300 Series is the benchmark for self-contained, construction-free underwater treadmill devices. Utilizing warm water therapy as a medium to enhance rehabilitation and performance through water's buoyancy, resistance, and hydrostatic pressure, this advanced hydrotherapy system provides the ultimate rehabilitation advantage.
Eckel Industries
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Volume Control for Athletic Facilities
Eckel Noise Control Technologies (Eckel) Providing state-of-the-art noise control products that create optimal sound environments since 1952. Eckoustic(TM) Functional Panels (EFPs) offer a simple, cost-effective, and efficient method for reducing background noise and reverberation in fitness facilities, gyms, and other recreational areas. The durable, sound-absorbing, fire-resistant wall, and ceiling panels are easy to install and maintain. They retain their acoustic and structural integrity over time, allowing them to provide long-term noise control.
Salsbury Industries
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Quality Lockers
Established in 1936, Salsbury Industries is an industry leader in manufacturing and distributing quality lockers. Salsbury Industries' Quality Lockers
  • Constructed of 16-gauge steel
  • Feature a 13 3/4-inch-deep upper shelf and 12-inch-wide x 12 1/2-inch-high x 13 3/4-inch-deep top compartment with a steel padlock hasp
  • Four steel coat hooks, a coat rod, and a 14-inch-high foot locker with a hinged lid and recessed padlock hasp for secure storage
  • Units are two feet wide, six feet high, and 18 or 24 inches deep
  • Durable powder-coated finish available in gray, tan, or blue
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Measure Everything
Polar The leading pioneer in heart rate monitoring, activity trackers, and training computers. Polar Team Pro is the world's smallest GPS and heart rate technology for high-performance sports. It provides extensive performance data so athletes and coaches can analyze their fitness, monitor real-time performance, and ensure they are training to meet the demands of their sport without over-training.
VersaClimber/Heart Rate, Inc.
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Climb Your Way Back
VersaClimber A world-leader in cardio climbing and functional strength training. The SRM Rehab Model VersaClimber is a total-body, closed-chain, rehabilitation exercise machine. The SRM allows patients to progress from non- to partial- to full-weight bearing, full-body exercise. It is fully adjustable to fit the height, weight, and length of all types of athletes and patients. Rehabilitation routines have been developed to provide a continuous arm and leg action in a seated or standing position, using varying stroke lengths, rates, and resistance levels.
Athletix Products by Contec, Inc.
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Wipe Away Germs Easily
Athletix(TM) Products Cleaning and disinfecting solutions for health clubs. Athletix(TM) Disinfectant Wipes are disposable and ready to use. These EPA-registered presaturated fitness facility wipes are alcohol, bleach, and ammonia-free. The wipes are safe for equipment, kill MRSA, and provide even, one-step even solution application. They are safe for many surfaces including acrylic, chrome, rubber, vinyl, ceramic, and fiberglass.